Top 10 Cool Math Games for Android Mobile

When we talk about cool math games for android, that means mobile games that include math concept in their gameplay. While having fun one can learn maths as well. Math games have their many types and we can categories these types in our term like for kids, for adults or adventurous. As we have done it in this article. You can find cool android math games category wise here.

What is cool math games?

Math games for android are called cool when they become fun with learning. The application which provides basic addition, subtraction operations or multiplication tables learning or any other advanced learning in the app but in a different way. best math games android provide superb platform to play cool math games.

Why play cool math game?

We all know that gaming is hard attraction for all the humans generally. Also, there is lots of fun while playing the game. Now, knowing basic concepts of maths is the very important thing in life. Why don’t we combine gaming and process learning maths so that in an enjoyable way one can learn maths?

What is some cool math behind popular games?

In every math purposed games, there are tasks in which player must need to use mathematical skills to go ahead in the game. cool math games for phones are easy to play and no need much trouble.
For example, unlock the block by adding some number, jump on blocks whos answer is multiplication table, earn rewards by daily math challenges.

Cool math games of android(KIDS)

1. Math games – choloepus apps

Free for everyone. Best math practice for kids. You can Improve your mathematics. Operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation, Square Root.

It is designed suitable for both the smartphones and the tablets.

So many language options they are providing such as English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.


  • Math Games Screenshot
  • Math Games Screenshot

2. Math Games – Godline Studios

Kids can improve their basic math skills by using this application. There will be a challenge and at the same time you will see how your results improve, you also can compare your scores with the rest of the world.

You also can configure your own game as you want to practice what you like or have more difficulties (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, square root …)
Practice daily for a few minutes to get better results.

One can play with another friend in 2 player mode or compete online against people from all over the world!

Languages available are Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.


  • Math Games Screenshot
  • Math Games Screenshot

3. Math Games – Orkun2u studios

It is Best math practice game to train brain & is designed for all ages including kids, girls and boys, teenagers and especially for teachers who are teaching mathematics.

Easiest division and multiplication games with Addition and Subtraction games all in one app.


Game Features:

AdditionAdding numbers with Quiz and Practice games
SubtractionSubtracting numbers to solve the equations
MultiplicationDuel play mode and Multiplication tables learning
DivisionPractice and learn Division tables
ExponentialTo solve an exponential equation, take the log of both sides, and solve for the variable.
Square RootPlay this exciting square roots game to sharpen your skills about adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, simplifying and estimating.

It’s a great math app for children, school kids or adults that will help you to learn your times tables at home in an easy, step-by-step way.

  • Mathe-Spiele Screenshot
  • Mathe-Spiele Screenshot

Here, multiplications game has:

1. A quiz game with 3 modes: relaxed (without a timer), normal (with a timer and lives) and
learning mode (easy)
2. Mode Head-to-head: have fun with your friends in a split-screen mode
3. The Exam Simulator

In this cool math game for android, there are tests and quizzes to improve your skills, measure your progress and stay on track to achieve your goals. Take the challenge and put the brain.

4. Toon math: endless run and math games – math games

If you want to play a fun game full of unique mechanics and which will help your child boost his math learning fast and easy. Toon Math Endless Run is there for your child enjoy a cool math experience that will complement the lessons he learns at school.

Here In this cool monster math game, all of your friends are kidnapped and all are taken to Halloween Town. What you just have to do now is to make sure that you must save them before midnight. Or else, they will turn to scarecrows! So, Become the superb math ninja, try to eliminate all your enemies and take your gaming experience to next level, only with This cool math game for android.


Game Features:

The Endless running game with an educational component included .
Comparing of scores on Google Play and Facebook is available.
Suitable for all ages.
Release new characters.
Superb graphics.
  • Toon Math: Endless Run and Math Games Screenshot
  • Toon Math: Endless Run and Math Games Screenshot

Cool math games of android(ADULTS)

1. Math games for adults – TrainBrain

It is kind of Math Workout Games that improves your mental math capabilities with 6 in 1 unique and interesting mathematical games.Workout Game works in various levels to enhance the player’s skills in subtraction, addition, multiplication and division of numbers.

1. Workout is the very 1st in Math Games which helps to increase the mathematical calculation speed, here the player can test how fast you can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Firstly game starts with easy levels and then gets challenging in higher levels. You have to unlock each level by your speedy calculations.

2. Now, the Mind Math stimulates the re-accessing capabilities of your brain. By self Do your calculations of the given set of operations in your mind and answer at the end of the last question. This type of method helps the player to develop his/her memory retention skills apart from learning the art of performing math calculations in mind.

3. Memory is interesting math games.  For the n x m matrix, first match n questions with its respective m answers And Train your brain by doing such math calculation and finding its answer

4. Equation  

5. Pop Quest

6. Fun and Play


To Improve math skills for various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Vast collection of math exercises for players of all ages
lets you to Tests your mental math and keeps your mind healthy with lot of brain exercise.
Enjoying the brain training process.
It helps you to keep you sharp and attentive.

  • Math Games for Adults Screenshot
  • Math Games for Adults Screenshot

2. Quick Brain Puzzle – Rise up and improve your mind – Andrei & Aleksandr Krupiankou

This cool math game for android lets you to Increase your brain power and compete against players from around the world! Experience the heavly heated battle that will keep you on your toes!

This game is a brain-training, where thinking & logic & math meet enjoyment,fun, amusement and lighthearted pleasure.


  • Math Puzzle - Rise up and improve your mind IQ Screenshot
  • Math Puzzle - Rise up and improve your mind IQ Screenshot

3. Brain Games for adults – Calculation and Mental Maths – Touchzing Media

Do you think you are good at math and calculations? Brain math  For Adults will surely help you to get your math skills polished and also learn mental math. This app has so many games that will give you a good brain workout.


Game Features:

All new exciting games that will help you increase your math skills.
Provides Over 10 different brain training games inside.
3 difficulty levels are there like Easy, medium and hard.
Very simple and understandable process of playing.
Great workout to your left and right brain.
Boosts your brain's thinking speed.
  • Brain Games For Adults - Calculation & Mental Math Screenshot
  • Brain Games For Adults - Calculation & Mental Math Screenshot

Cool math games of android(ADVENTURE)

1. Math Adventure Island Lite – TnT Game Studios

Math Adventure total Island is a free teacher-approved, fun and engaging game for kids to solidify the math skills of Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication.  It has been Built from concepts direct from school-certified math education plans, kids are challenged in a proven method of learning. We can say that Kids are very positively reinforced by rewarding each achievement in varying levels of difficulty.

  • Math Adventure Island Lite Screenshot
  • Math Adventure Island Lite Screenshot
  • Math Adventure Island Lite Screenshot
  • Math Adventure Island Lite Screenshot
  • Math Adventure Island Lite Screenshot

2. Math Adventure Kids Game – BieMore Co., Ltd.

Develop one good habit which to spend the 15 minutes do the math work per day, no matter in the kindergarten or preschool. Most of The kids can arrangement the regulation, do the math works or write the numbers to win the special gifts. They can choose many different scenes and also can experience different game features from this android math game. The parents can accompany their babies to help them to improve their math skills.


Game Features:

Communicate with babies, cultivate their sociability.
Kids can choose different characters in the many scenes.
A freestyle game experience.
Easy to operation.
Support super high-resolution monitors. compatible to various display screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Math Adventure Kids Game Screenshot
  • Math Adventure Kids Game Screenshot


Nowadays rather than searching for best Stardew valley mods students should search for cool math games for android. Google Play math games category has huge collection of math games for phone or tablet.

Thare are so many games listed above and they are already on top of their category. If we find best from the top in above math game apps for Android I would like to choose Math games for adults – TrainBrain. This game covers so many concepts in it.