What Is Prodigy? Prodigy Math Game For Train Your Brain And Math Skill Building

MATHS! we all know it’s importance worldwide. The base of maths must have to be clear in each and every people in the world.

The seed of basic math must be planted in human from childhood and for this good teacher and teaching format must be there for a child.

The world is gone digital now. Most of the public are well known with the use of the internet. There are so many apps in the market that teaches maths with their own format.

Here, prodigy math game is the perfect game for learning maths. The game is available in android math game category. The word prodigy math game is the perfect name for this game and the adjective prodigy also. This math game has its own teaching method and flow.

With over 1200 superb math skills for Grades 1 – 8, Prodigy is the perfect game for mastering mathematics both at home and at school. All the educational content in Prodigy is totally free, and it will stay free forever! They only make money through a completely optional game upgrade, which only unlocks some extra content.

You will find this slogan in the app “Join millions already playing Prodigy Math Game to learn math for free!”.

Aside from being the world’s most engaging math game, Prodigy has these great features, all of which are available for free:

Prodigy Free Features

  1. Complete alignment with key curricula (e.g., Common Core, Ontario, TEKS, MAFS)
  2. Provides Automatic assessment in-game for all students to place them in the correct grade
  3. Quick responsive 24/7 Real-time reporting.
  4. Also Embedded in-game formative, diagnostic and summative assessments.

Each and every grade covers key mathematics topics that all students must master. For a complete breakdown of all 1200+ skills, please visit https://prodigygame.com/math/skills.

We have done deep research about to answer all question that generates in your mind. There are so many questions we have listed and answered for you. Please check out the further article to find those questions.

1. What is the prodigy math game?

Prodigy is a free, adaptive math game for grades 1-8 that integrates Common Core or Ontario math into a role-playing game using a Pokemon-style wizardry theme. Students complete maths questions to get level up (become more powerful) and ultimately defeat Crios, Prodigy’s main antagonist.

A game is based on the student’s profile and an invisible diagnostic run during the preliminary tutorial, you will be placed at a math level. As more you play, the difficulty of the question is increased or decreased depending upon your answers and facility with the skills. If you feel the struggle with a concept, the following questions will backfill the necessary skills.

So, we can say that prodigy math is goal and vision based game. where providing enough knowledge of maths to kids is their prime focus without taking any charges from the public.

2. Do you have to pay to be a member on Prodigy?

Yes, for sure prodigy math game totally free and it will be free forever. They are earning only from giving updates to the users and their updates are also user’s centric which helps the user by providing useful game improvements and tasks that help to improve math knowledge.

One more way of their earning is, by proving premium membership plans to the user. They do not provide any special learning content but just unlocks some more improvement tasks and challenges and gameplay addition to their premium members. a premium membership is there for families to purchase for $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year.

Note, this premium membership does not provide any extra educational content, but instead, it gives students access to more in-game content, such as items, treasure chests, and pets.

3. How do you make a Prodigy account?

How To Create A New Parent Account

Do you want to purchase your child a premium membership or monitor their progress just like their teachers?, you will need to have them linked to a “Parent” account.

Here are a few steps to follow to create your own Parent Account:

1. First, Navigate to Prodigy and select the “Get Your Free Account” button.

2. Select the suitable option: Teacher, Parent or Student”.

3. Provide your details like full name, e-mail address, and the password you would like to use for the account and click the “Create Account” button.

Done! That’s it, your Parent account is created!

If you have a Google account and do not have an existing parent account, then you can now sign in with your Google account to create one.

Please follow these steps below to proceed.

First, Go to www.prodigygame.com and click on “Get your free account“.

Choose Parent option and click “Log in with Google/Sign up with Google”

  1. If you aren’t signed into a Google account on this browser, you’ll be prompted to do so just as normal with your Gmail address and password.  Enter your Google email address and then click “Next”, then enter your Google password and just click “Next to proceed.
  2. If you sign in using (or are already signed into) a Google account on this browser with multiple email addresses associated with it, you will be asked to choose which email you’d like to link to your Prodigy account.
  3. If you sign in using (or are already signed into) a Google account on this browser with only one email associated with it, you’ll be automatically moved to the next step.

Just need to click on “I want a new Prodigy account

And Select Parent as your user type.

you’re done! You can then easily proceed with the setup on your new account. So, Welcome to Prodigy math game!

How To Create A New prodigy math game student login account.

  1. Go to Prodigy and then select “Get Your Free Account”.
  2. Select “Student” first and then “Play Prodigy”.
  3. From the login page of the game, select “New Student” to start the character creation process.
  4. Follow all of the prompts on the screen to finish the creation process!

4. How do you change your name on Prodigy math?

Its very easy process to change a name in math prodigy play. They have great user navigation and just follow below step to change your name and e-mail in prodigy math game.

Navigate to your account settings, where you can:

Change contact e-mail,user name and account Password

Change your Settings for Prodigy Updates and Progress Reports.

For changing your account settings, take the following steps:

  1. First, Navigate to maths prodigy login and select the “Login” button.
  2. And then, Login using your e-mail/password and select “Account” from the drop-down menu at the top right of the page.

You will find the “General Settings” tab where you can:

  • Change your name.
  • Change your e-mail.

You also can easily change your password from the “Change Password” tab. prodigy math game forgot password option.

From Email preferences tab you can:

  • Determine frequency you’ll receive automated emailed reports.
  • Disable all email communication from Prodigy.

Just don’t forget to click “Submit” at the bottom of the menu to retain the changes you’ve made!

5. Is Prodigy math?

Yes, prodigy math game is fully math purposed game where they have fantastic pokemon theme gameplay for kids. In this theme, there are so many tasks, challenges, and activities for kids only related to maths.

As much you play and get ahead in the game your math will be improved up to grade 8. By completing over 1200 crucial math skills one can complete the game. In fact, for learning maths prodigy has reached to the next level where people and also teaching are trusting prodigy as best learning platform for kids.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game For Android

Now, it seems like with great game features you have decided to download prodigy game in your mobile device. This game is available on Android and iOS operating system. In both of the platform the game runs and looks well.

First let’s see how download prodigy math app in android mobile. So, we have very basic and popular platform Google play store there for us. If you are signed in to your Google account already then simply search the prodigy math game and just click install button. The game will be installed soon and after installing a game successfully only follow first few installation steps.

Download Prodigy APK

Prodigy Math Game For iPhone

Second, let’s see how to perform prodigy game download in iphone operating system too. In iOS we have also one common platform called app store in all iOS devices. Just search the game and simply click on the install button as well. If you are signed in to your Apple account them simply have entered a password once to install the prodigy math game app for iphone.

Download App


At the end of this article, we can say that prodigy game is trustable game for kids to learn maths. Also prodigy math game is totally maths related no any other meaning fewer activities are added into the gameplay. prodigy game kindergarten kids also can play.

We personally suggest parents that they should download this few MB application “prodigy the game” for their kids. This math game is appreciated in world-wild that means it has great learning content we can say for sure.

So, best of luck with your positive decision and we hope that you have got enough information regarding prodigy math game