Skyrim Daedric Armor How to Get or Buy at Level 1 Easiest Way Guide

Skyrim Daedric Armors are a Set of armors that are light. Armors are seeable in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. Armors are extremely good armors. But also armors feature the higher armor rating in the game & its add – ons.

The Skyrim Daedric armor consists of 5 pieces: boots, gauntlets, helmets a shield, and greaves, and optional items.

The Pieces of Skyrim Daedric armor can be made at an Antioch forge. Or within the middle at the College of Winter hold. you have to use items like Ebony, Daedra hearts, gems of black soul, & dynamo cores.

Skyrim Daedric Armor

Skyrim Where To Find Deadric Armor?

The Unenchanted pieces of armors of daedric will appear throughout the Skyrim game. After reaching level 48. The enchanted armor will appear after reaching level 49.

  • You will obtain random loot in “boss “ quests after level 48+.
  • The Unenchanted pieces found as random loot by beating Legendary Dragons.
  • The Enchanted and unenchanted pieces of armors, as well as Daedric weapons, maybe buy from Dremora Merchant.

Skyrim Deadric Armor ID

Dreadric armor can not be craft at the craft stations. So you need to find them. Some of the Dreadric Armors along with codes are as follows:

Deadric Armor00d3AC3
Deadric Boots00d3AC6
Deadric Shield00d3AC8
Deadric Helmets00d3A9

How to Get Deadric Armor in Skyrim

The way suggested below is one of the more easy ways to get Skyrim Daedric Armor. But you do need the Dragonborn DLC for the game. If you do not have the DLC, skip this step. But If you have a DLC Add – on, then you need to follow steps:

  • First Go to the Sole Stheim and find the nordic ruins there.
  • In the room where you fight with the boss. You will get the Black Book of Untold Legends.
  • Read the entire book as early as possible and reach to teleport.
  • Find the way through the power of a book. Then you will get the 3 options of powers.
  • Now you have to select the power of the Black Market. Again go to your Inventory.
  • Enable the Power of Black Market and demora will let you know the trade.

Depending on the level you are, Demora will sell either Ebony Armors or weapons or Daedric.

Usually, when you are at the level of 48-60 he will sell his Daedric things. But this method is quite costly, as you will get full Daedric items faster. This method is also handy when you need to sell the items quickly.

Skyrim Daedra Heart

Daedra Heart is an item used for making weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It can also be used to make potions at the lab of an. At the atronach forge, you can make a Daedra Hearts using the following ingredients

  1. Human Heart
  2. Sigil Stone
  3. One Soul of black gem

While crafting the Daedra Heart the sigil stone will not be consumed. Daedra hearts are used to build the weapons and armors of your choice. Use it at the time of Smithing weapons.

Skyrim Light Deadric Armor

Light Deadric Armor is the same as normal deadric armor with some differences. The basic design for Daedric Light Armor in-game possesses an incredibly dark color.

With an evil design that appears to be more horrific. It gives mythological influence from its previous one.

The light armor has an overall unique style with a black-metallic color texture. And is decorated with small chains of silver, delicate & ornamental designs on the boots. With lower torso and pack gauntlets, two pairs of shoulder guards.

The initial armored spikes are mounted on the rim of the shoulders. With several large fasteners located at an equal pace all over the body. This links each piece of the armor and accessory together.

The Armor also possesses several other spikes coming out from various parts of the Armor. It has 6 large horn-like spikes on the very top of the helmet.

This is given to accompany the large eye-like sockets in the front of the helmet. It gives the armor an incredibly dreadful & monstrous appearance.

Skyrim Lord Deadric Armor

A Daedric Armor requires you to reach the Smithing level of 80. Also, you need the Daedric Smithing perk to make. You can forge the weapons & armors at Antioch forge using the following components:

  • 4 x Leather Strips
  • 6 x Ebony Ingots
  • 1 x Daedra Heart

You can upgrade the weapons using an Ebony Ingot at a crafting bench. The normal workbench can also be used. Also benefits of perks from the Daedric Smithing, which improves the weapons.

How to Get the Deadric Armor In Skyrim at Level 1?

You need to follow Some Steps to get the Deadric Armor.

  1. First of all, check your Configuration Skill. Your Configuration Skill must be more than 90. If your Skill is not 90 then use the Soul trap trick on dead ones. It will take 3 – 4 hours to increase your Skill.
  2. After reaching the Skill level of 90 go to the college of Winter hold.
  3. Look out for the man there studying conjuration in the college. The man will be named Phinis Gestor. You can meet him at the Hall of Countenance. Which right from the front entrance of the college.
  4. Discuss with him and ask about this: “How to learn about skills of  Conjuration magic?”  This will enable your quest & you will get a reward. The skill of a master level Conjuration spell and a unique item known as Sigil Stone. Stone has to be used further.
  5. Complete the Quest as faster as you can. Then go to the country yard quickly.
  6. Place the Sigil Stone in the holder after finding Atronach Forge.
  7. To make the Dedric weapons and Armor place the things in the holder:
    • One black Gem of Soul.
    • One Heart of Deadra.
    • A Millennium Dynamic Core.
    • Ebony for your desired weapon or armor.