Skyrim vampire lord & DawnGuard Vampire The Elder Scrolls V Mod 2020

Skyrim Vampire Lord are one of the featured Enemies in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls. Vampires are infected by the disease Sanguinare Vampiris. It permanently changes the Biological and physical appearances. It also changes the Vulnerability to fire and sunlight.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Retexture

This mod can be download from Nexus Mods. It changes the textures of Mala/female vampires. You need a dawnguard for this. It improves the textures of female bras. Black wings are optional files for this mod.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Perks

This mod brings the next level of epicness to vampire lord. It empowers the vampire for high difficulties. It has no impact on the original gameplay. The mod has minor tweaks for Vampire Lords. It adds perks like the throne room and royal bloodlines.

Skyrim How to Became Vampire Lord

Serena can transform the player into a vampire Lord. It can make blood cursed arrows after the curing of vampirism. This mod changes the 3 records. It removes the requirement of Serena to make Vampire for relevant dialogue options. This mod is compatible with other mods as long as it alters the records. Another version turns you into a vampire as you meet her.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Armor

Daedric Armor mod is for both male and female vampire lords. Royal armor mod gives the Royal appearance to vampire lords. For this, you have to defeat Harkon at the end of the dawn guard. War wolf armors are a completely new model for vampire lord.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Appearance

Skyrim Vampire Lord

This mod alters the appearance of a vampire lord without changing the face of the character. This mod requires the Dawn Guard plugins. It also requires SKSE and XP32 Maximum Skeleton- XPMS. You can take armor and clothes from inventory after transformation. But you have to wait for the lowering of Arm.

Skyrim DawnGuard Vampire

You can continue Dawnguard questline as Vampire using this mod. It changes the oversight of small vanilla. Here Serena refers to you as a member of Dawnguard. It happens if you are following Volkihar Questline. But cured yourself before starting the soul cairn.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Vs Werewolf

This mod helps you to keep beast blood you got as a gift of Vampire lord. It can be either from Serena or Lord Harkon. And received during companions quest lines. If you have finished the dawnguard questline and Companions quest lines. And have been cured of one other, then you can go to Serena. There you have to give Sanguinare Vampiris without being cured. And go to Aela to give Lycanthropy. This mod doesn’t change the way of being Werewolf and Vampire. You can opt for either questlines.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Feeding

You can feed with dawnguard in 2 ways. The first is to approach the person and activate will give you prompt to. If they stand or crouching to pickpocket then either talk or feed. The second is to approach the sleeping person who is not fighting. Use vampire seduction and activate them. This will give you the option to feed them.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Controls

Following are default controls:

  1. Left mouse button: Melee attack in melee mode
  2. Ctrl: to switch from melee mode to blood magic mode.
  3. Alt: To fly regularly.
  4. Z: to turn on Bat mode.
  5. Tabs: to open perks.
  6. Q: Vampires abilities menu.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Console Commands

These are debugging tools for PC players to give wide functionality. Tilde

 The key will gives the console screen. You can navigate the console are using Page Up and Page Down keys. Console commands are only for PC. Codes are not case sensitive. Cheats are shown as Code then variable and then hashtag. The code to add item is as Player.Add item<ID> <#>. TFOW is a short form of code. togglefodOfWar is a long-form of code.